Our structures

The wide range of materials and techniques we use enable us to continuously develop our rich portfolio of wooden structures which includes roofs, pergolas, balconies, lofts, stairs, and a wide variety of special structures such as wooden arches, bridges and more.

Following the European trends, since 2000, we have proposed copper as a roofing and facade material and to date we are the only company in Crete with the knowledge and experience in the design and installation of metal coatings.

Roofs, pergolas, glulam arches, bridges, stairs-lofts, railings-partitions, wooden houses-pavilions, special constructions

Roofs: tiled, with asphaltic membranes-asphalt shingles, with Copper or Zinc cladding, green roofs

Pergolas: with trellis, with bamboo-cane, with cloth, with polycarbonate panel


With tiles

Continuing a tradition of decades, and always focusing on quality and aesthetics, Livas s.a. has a rich collection of wooden, tiled roofs with a great variety in design and dimensions of the structures.

With asphaltic membranes . asphalt shingles

For simpler and more modern coating solutions we offer a wide range of asphaltic membranes and asphalt shingles in many different designs and colors.

With copper . zinc . aluminium

Following the European trends, we use a wide variety of metal coatings for our structures, such as copper, zinc (zinc titanium) and aluminum, which are mainly mounted on wooden roofs and elevations, using the most modern methods.

Green roofs

Trying to always be one step ahead, Livas s.a., in collaboration with agronomists, designs and manufactures planted wooden roofs. In addition to the aesthetic effect, green-planted roofs offer many environmental and economic benefits as they enhance the energy efficiency of buildings.

Roofs interior


With trellis

The know-how of Livas s.a. and our collaboration with architects and engineers from all over Greece enables us to manufacture unique wooden pergolas and roofs in classic and original designs with all types of timber and many options of trellis panels.

With bamboo. cane

Respecting the Greek tradition and the ecological benefits of natural materials, we recommend for our constructions bamboo or domestic cane reeds we knit in our factory with stainless steel wire.

With textiles

For lighter designs, in collaboration with fabric experts, we manufacture pergolas with fixed or removable fabric shades according to the desired shading effect.

With polycarbonate panels

For waterproof structures we use a variety of the best quality polycarbonate panels from the Italian company Akraplast.

Glulam Arches

The modern machinery and the know-how of Livas s.a., allow us to manufacture Glulam (glued laminated) beams in a variety of dimensions and shapes. 2 or 3 dimensional beams are designed and manufactured in our factory according to the requirements and uniqueness of each project from pine, fir and tropical timber.

Wooden Bridges

Our specialized wood engineers and experienced partners allow us to design and implement demanding structures such as bridges, ensuring their safety, quality and aesthetics.

Staircases. Mezzanines

The specialized design software and automations used by Livas s.a., in conjunction with its modern production facilities, ensure the easy and fast manufacturing of stairs of all types and sizes, and minimize the production and installation time.


Without any restrictions, the team of Livas s.a designs and manufactures railings, fences and partitions ranging from the most classic to the most up-to-date options.

Timber Houses.Pavilions

From the first wooden house we built in 1987 and considering the needs and wishes of our clients, we design and construct wooden houses of different uses and dimensions.

Special structures

We love new ideas and our factory is always ready to implement special designs that differentiate every project.

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